Quick Tips on Buying a Polo shirt

Polo shirts have been unparalleled fashion items every man would want to have in their closet. They come in handy in a warm climate as one can wear them in both casual and semi-official functions. Of importance is to identify the best way to adorn your polo shirt to match the occasion at hand. Below are some helpful tips.

Buy the right size

Generally, most polo shirts are designed with the back longer than the front. This makes it keep tucked in if need be especially when you bend. For the best fit, purchase one that reaches half your back pockets. This way, it tucks in properly without looking oversized.

Consider the sleeves

These should be mid-bicep in length. About the sleeve edges, you have various choices to make depending on your taste. Some are loose, while others have ribbed cuffs. The most important thing here is to make sure you do not end up with something that appears too tight on your arms. Make this key consideration when opting for ribbed cuffs.

The neck opening

How does the opening sit on your chest? Some will stay closed even when unbuttoned, while others open. Of importance is to make sure it opens perfectly giving your face a reasonable frame. Deep V’s will call for buttoning; otherwise, they may expose your chest undesirably.

And the bottom design?

This depends on what you are going to wear it with. Other than the designs with the long back and a short front, polo shirts can have a banded bottom as well. This is common with old school polo designs that feel like very light sweaters. Whatever design you choose, you need to opt for the right pants to complement your top.

Some styling tip: Polo shirts are designed for casual wear. To give you that easy look, avoid wearing them with an undershirt. This will make you look bulky. Besides, some parts of your undershirt may pop-out thus giving unpleasant look.

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